Reasons to Rent A Conference Room at Coworking Space for Your Next Business Conference

23 Jan, 2021

An age-old practice when it comes to selecting a venue for a business conference is to contact 3-star and 5-star hotels in the town for space booking. Hotels will quote a hefty per day charge and    you’re forced to buy a package plan with amenities you might not even need. But, with the coworking culture growing in India the times are changing and you have a smarter alternative to book a conference room.

Now within your budget, you can book yourself a private meeting room or a coworking conference room at a prime location at a coworking space. This is possible only at coworking spaces as they rent you out a small private portion of a larger shared space. There are many other benefits of choosing a conference room on rent at a coworking space.

1. You choose your fit 

One of the biggest advantages of renting a meeting room at a coworking space is that you get to choose the number of seats you wish to book, the type of conference room on rent you want, and the kind of amenities you want and accordingly you pay for what you choose. This allows even not so well funded companies or start-ups in their early stages to host a business conference in a business-friendly environment. 

2. Lower overhead costs 

Since we have established the fact that coworking conference rooms allow you to choose and control a certain part of the offering and they’re renting you a private corner in their much bigger shared space, it is no doubt that it’s way cheaper and affordable as compared to booking in hotels. Also, you can also host meetings for as low as 10-15 people as opposed to hotels where you need a minimum booking of 80-100 people to suffice their catering budgets.

3. Business environment 

Imagine your business conference is going on in one hall and some family function going on in another hall while a bunch of bachelors are checking into the hotel at the same time. Is that the environment you want?

The whole hotel vibe is not well suited for a business conference, whereas at a coworking conference room you will have access to the common shared space with Wi-Fi, tea/coffee, and printing services. Even in the shared space, other co-workers are also doing their daily business or networking over a cup of coffee. This is a much more appropriate focused environment. 

4. Dedicated support services at one place

Since coworking spaces are designed keeping in mind working professionals, you will be getting included amenities like Wi-Fi, printing services, projector screen and so on without added charges. This will not only add to saving your costs but also give you the needed tech and admin support needed for your next business event at a coworking conference room.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a meeting room or conference room; coworking spaces are the current trending best alternative to book with great added benefits. Contact us with your requirements and join us for a free visit.

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