Millennial are Getting Skilled at Coworking Spaces

12 Feb, 2020

While the industries across India face the millennial paradox, there have been various actors from different domains who have been playing a catalyst while going out of their own core business zones. 

Skill sharing and training are one of the largest growing sectors in India as the millennial of the country identifies the competition in the market and they also understand the value addition along with their education qualification, specialization, and primary professional experiences. Uncubate has been one of those organizational catalysts as it hosts a variety of training, skill workshops, knowledge sharing sessions, and seminars using conference rooms, meetings rooms. It hosts experts from business, entrepreneurship, design, marketing and management domains and holds some amazing sessions at various locations.

Artistry Workshop by Design Company

Arena Animation NSG Group of Ahmedabad had organized a Doodle Art Workshop at Uncubate Phoenix last month by the Doodle Artist Mamta Singh. We had a room full of aspiring young artists, designers who participated and we had the most engaging and exciting Saturday morning. We received a thank you note from the client  – we’d love to share it with everyone!

“I want to thank you for all the support today for our Event. It was a nice experience with you all. Students have enjoyed it a lot. Even Mamta Singh was very happy with the atmosphere. We like your Space and Interior very much...”

If you are also looking to conduct a meeting, conference, board meeting, workshop or seminar - do get in touch with us and discuss your requirements. 

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