How Uncubate is safe co-working space in Ahmedabad during the Covid-19 pandemic

17 Apr, 2021

India is still fighting the battle with the Covid-19 pandemic. With the situation evolving with each passing day, we are becoming more uncertain about the future. When it comes to managing the business during a pandemic, it's not that simple. The whole country was under lockdown for months, and many workplaces are still offering work from home for their employees. However, many offices and workplaces in Ahmedabad have reopened. 

Now, the question is, how Uncubate is the safest coworking space in Ahmedabad during the pandemic? The second wave of Covid-19 has hit India, and millions of people are being infected with each passing day. So, is it safe to go to a co-working space in Ahmedabad during this time? This article contains all the answers you need. Let's have a look at what makes Uncubate the safest coworking space to work for individuals, freelancers, and teams. 

About Uncubate 

Uncubate coworking space in ahmedabad was founded four years ago, and they provide co-working space for the working professionals. You can easily rent a working place like an individual dedicated desk, private cabin, meeting room, or even a Flexi desk and work conveniently. After the pandemic took over, the first question that comes to our mind is the safety concern. Is Uncubate safe during the pandemic, especially when the second wave is going on? Well, the answer is yes! Uncubate has successfully maintained all the safety measures, and it is safe to use Uncubate as a co-working space. 

What are the primary safety measures that should be taken at a co-working space? 

When the pandemic first hit our country, WHO provided a few safety measures that could slow down the Coronavirus spread. The safety measure is as follows: 

Maintaining social distancing of 1 meter at least with anyone who has flu or fever-like symptoms. 

Wearing masks when an individual is exposed to public places. 

Using alcohol-based sanitizer often and using soap for cleaning hands now and then. 

Now that the Covid-19 vaccines are here, we should still maintain these measures. As shared office space in Ahmedabad, Uncubate makes sure all of them are being strictly followed. Let’s find out why you should be opting for Uncubate as a co-working space even during the pandemic. 

They have been raising awareness about the Covid-19 pandemic. 

As a community leader, the first and most important thing to do is raise awareness about the pandemic that is still going on in our country. Uncubate did that very well. They have created awareness in the community, and they have not stopped yet. They make sure all the employees are wearing masks and maintaining the safety measures properly. They have indulged themselves in regular temperature checking and sanitization. 

Uncubate sanitizes their workplaces regularly. 

Among all the co-working offices in Ahmedabad, Uncubate has been on top when it comes to sanitization and proper workplace maintenance. They make sure the workspace is clean and hygienic. They disinfect the equipment regularly. They have made available products like soap, hand wash, sanitizers for all the people and they ask everyone to wear a mask and sanitize often. 

Uncubate has arranged their workplace correctly.

Uncubate is a co-working space in Ahmedabad. They have rearranged their office spaces and made sure the social distancing is being followed properly. The conference rooms and the common places are never crammed with people. Their staff is also oriented to follow the rules and make sure everyone is doing the same during working hours. 

They do not hold any community events. 

Gatherings can always increase the numbers of Covid 19 cases and as India is already having over 13.7 million cases of Covid-19. In this situation, social groups will worsen the situation. Keeping that in mind, Uncubate is not entertaining any community events right now. They are making sure the norm of social distancing is strictly followed. They are limiting the number of people during work hours. 

Last but not the least 

In conclusion, we are all in this together, and we have to maintain the safety measures if we want to win the battle with Covis-19. However, work-life also cannot stop. It would be best to choose the safest place for continuing with your work, and Uncubate is the safest co-working space in Ahmedabad. Don't wait up. Rent your desk today from Uncubate.

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