How to Conduct Productive Meetings?

02 Feb, 2022

Meetings are an indispensable part of a schedule of work. It brings all workers together. In a meeting, the workers pitch in their ideas and discuss plans related to work. 

These plans help to improve the business of the company. Meetings have a lot to offer, but they can be a time waste. If a meeting is not managed correctly, then it can cause harm to your business. 

Research has shown that meetings can waste up to $36 billion a year. Thus meetings can cause a loss for companies, especially startups. 

Here are some reasons why you should Uncubate Meeting Room for conducting meetings. Further, we will elaborate on how your meeting can be productive with Uncubate.

Reasons to rent a meeting room at Uncubate

Increase Productivity and Focus

If a particular meeting is not productive, it is a loss for the company. Besides that, if the employees are not focused, the meeting will be useless and a waste of time. A goal of the meeting must be set. 

This way makes sure that the meeting is focused on the actual topic. The meeting must be long enough to meet the goals, however, short enough to keep the participants focused. 

Conducting long meetings can get the employees to end up losing interest on the on-going topic. If the meetings are too long, arrange snacks and refreshments for the participants. 

Utilize technology, media, and presentations in a meeting. This will help to grab the undivided attention of the participants.

When you rent a Meeting room with uncubate, you get a lot of facilities. These include Projector / TV Screen with sound. 

This helps you to get the undivided attention of the participants. Uncubate also provides snacks & Meals On Request.

Produce New Perspectives, Concepts, and Problem-Solving

With the advent of tech, all things have changed. Now meetings are more engaging and exciting. This is possible through media and presentations. 

Preparing a presentation for meetings makes explaining your goals easier. The topics of discussions can be explained easily. 

The host must also make sure someone is taking notes of the meeting. These notes will form the basis of the next meeting conducted. 

Taking notes of the discussions or recording the meeting has various benefits. A recorded meeting can be circulated to employees who could not attend the meeting. It can also help to recollect the points of the meeting later on. 

Uncubate Meeting Room at Ahmedabad provides many facilities. These facilities can help in problem-solving and take the meeting to a new level. 

For example, recording meetings has been made easier with Uncubate. In addition, they provide printing facilities that can be utilized to print out documents on the spot. They also provide a Projector / TV Screen with sound for organizing presentations. 

Inspire Collaboration and Engage With Employees 

Various employees generally attend a meeting. Having multiple participants means the representation of multiple minds. These minds need to be represented equally to derive the most benefits. 

The host must not be the only speaker throughout the meeting. Every participant must share their views on the topic. It is the leader's responsibility to make sure everyone gets a chance. 

If a single person dominates the meeting, there will be no point in conducting a meeting. You can create a pre-read that all the attendees can read before attending. 

This will give them context to fulfill their role. This can avoid scenarios where someone shows up without context. 

Uncubate Conference Room provides all types of facilities to make meetings comfortable. Businesses can conduct their meetings without any hindrance. 

You can book a 10-12 Seater Conference Room. The perks are - Tea / Coffee and Refreshments, Printing facilities, Projector / TV Screen with sound. You also get meals and snacks on request. 

Enjoy All Amenities

Meetings used to be boring long back. Now so many modern facilities have come up that meetings are no more boring and basic. Certain facilities like projectors give audio-visual facilities. This makes the meetings come to life. So meetings are no more just talking, but audio and visuals are included. Refreshments are a must in a meeting. 

It is even more crucial for the host who speaks most of the time. If the meetings are long, snacks and meals should be arranged for the participants. Stationary and printing facilities are necessary too in a meeting room. 

You will get all these amenities if you rent a conference room in Ahmedabad, Uncubate. At Uncubate, you get snacks and refreshments when you conduct a meeting. One need not break a sweat to arrange them. Further, you also get printing facilities and stationery at a meeting room in Uncubate.

Spend Much Less than on any Cafe or Hotel Meeting Rooms

A lot of time meetings are conducted in cafes and hotel meeting rooms. This occurs when a particular company doesn't have an office. We must agree on the point that renting offices is not budget-friendly. 

This means that most businesses do not have offices. They have to conduct meetings in hotel meeting rooms. Sometimes even worse, at cafes. Firstly booking hotel meeting rooms come with a considerable price tag. 

Not all businesses can afford these meeting places. Meetings at restaurants are unprofessional. Cafes can impact the reputation of a business if there is a meeting with big clients. 

Coworking spaces offer meeting rooms at affordable prices. For example, you can check out the meeting room of Navrangpura, Uncubate. They offer a 10-12 Seater Conference Room and One-to-One Meeting Room on an hourly basis. 

Besides, there are many amenities available like snacks, refreshments, a projector, and stationery. These facilities will come in handy when you want to impress a client. They also come compact when you want your team to focus on the meeting. 

Receive enough space for all seats

To conduct a formal meeting, a proper space is required. Most times, startups don't have an office building. They have to conduct meetings at cafes or book costly hotel rooms. Most businesses choose cafes. 

It is challenging to fit 10 -12 people at a cafe. Besides, cafes are very unprofessional for conducting meetings. Even if you do conduct a meeting at a cafe, you miss out on many facilities. Facilities like projectors, printers and stationery are not available at a cafe. 

A meeting also requires a long hour of sitting. At this point, the cafe chairs are not comfortable enough for long sitting hours. So the best place for meetings is a coworking space.

A Uncubate Meeting Room meets all the requirements of a meeting. Starting from projectors to snacks and refreshments, they provide everything. You will get facilities like printers and stationery too. 

Their meeting rooms can hold 10-12 people at a time. They also have One-to-One Meeting Rooms on an hourly basis. The main part is that all these come at affordable prices.


You get many benefits if you rent a meeting room at Uncubate. The infrastructure is excellent, which is perfect for impressing new clients. The facilities they provide make a meeting more productive. 

At Uncubate coworking space, you get a projector. This makes showing presentations easier and keeps the team focused. They also provide snacks and refreshments, which are necessary for long meetings. 

They have printing facilities which come in handy in meetings. All these facilities make Uncubate a perfect place for conducting your meetings. It makes your meeting more productive.