Coworking Spaces: The New Frontier for Internships

10 Jun, 2024

Internships are a pivotal step in a student's professional journey, offering a glimpse into the working world and laying the foundation for future career paths. While traditional office internships have their own merits, the unique environment of coworking spaces can transform an internship into a profoundly enriching experience. The stories of five interns at Uncubate, a vibrant coworking space, highlight how such environments can foster personal and professional growth in ways a typical office cannot.

Networking and Soft Skill Development

Jeet Sodha, an intern at Uncubate, shared a transformative networking experience. "I was very interested in knowing about investment options," he said. "I met Assistant VP of Z Funds, a mutual fund investment firm. Before our conversation, I wasn't aware of mutual funds and such investment options. After talking to him, I learned a lot and now I can educate others about it." This anecdote underscores the immense networking opportunities in coworking spaces, where interns can interact with professionals from diverse fields and broaden their knowledge base.

Workspace Ambiance and Environment

For Khushi Ramolia, Uncubate's vibrant ambiance was a refreshing change from the rigidity of a traditional 9-5 corporate job. "This is my first internship experience," she shared. "I don't like how corporate works from 9-5 and was unsure if I would be able to follow that. However, the vibrant ambiance and coworkers' community at Uncubate motivated me to wake up every day and come to work. I love talking to people here." Khushi’s experience highlights how a lively and supportive environment can boost morale and motivation, making the internship experience more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Entrepreneurial Exposure

Juhil Popat found inspiration in the entrepreneurial stories at Uncubate. "I was very inspired by the story of three friends running an IT firm here," he said. "I am very fond of my friends and always wished to work with them professionally. However, I was not sure if that would work or not. Seeing the three friends and knowing their story inspired me to work with my friends in the future." Juhil's experience illustrates how coworking spaces expose interns to real-life entrepreneurial journeys, fostering dreams and aspirations that might seem distant in a traditional office setup.

Personal Growth

Riya Patel's story is a testament to the personal growth fostered by the open and inclusive environment of a coworking space. "I used to work in a place where I had to box my feelings and my personality," she recalled. "I couldn't open up there and didn't like spending my time in that office. However, being at Uncubate, I made many friends from different age groups and backgrounds. I suffered from anxiety attacks before. One day, I talked to one of my coworker at Uncubate. He used to suffer from the same too. People often aren’t ready to talk about it, but people in coworking spaces are very open to all discussions. I felt a lot relieved after talking to him about it." Riya’s experience highlights the supportive and empathetic community found in coworking spaces, which can significantly aid in personal well-being and development. 

A 360-Degree Learning Experience

Muskan Chauhan's internship at Uncubate provided a holistic learning experience. "I joined as a digital marketing intern and thought all I would be doing was solely social media management," she explained. "However, I learned a lot by just being with the coworkers. I was able to learn the basics of designing, how to communicate professionally, conduct events, and understand the back science of events, among many other things." Muskan’s experience showcases the multifaceted learning opportunities in coworking spaces, where interns can gain diverse skills and insights beyond their primary role.

These stories from Uncubate interns vividly illustrate how coworking spaces offer a unique and enriching internship experience. From networking and personal growth to exposure to entrepreneurship and a stimulating work environment, coworking spaces provide a dynamic platform for interns to thrive both professionally and personally.