Co working Spaces bringing a work life balance to Work from home

17 Dec, 2020

The covid pandemic aided the work from home (WFH) culture in all parts of the world. But, even in the post pandemic world the work from home culture is here to stay and made easier with coworking spaces. As everyone is spending a lot a more time at home, they end up making the home sofa their work couch, in the end juggling to keep a worklife balance. We also end up achieving much less than we’d usually achieve from working in an office environment. This brings us to a realization that environment is the key to thriving while working remotely and here are few tips on how you can achieve the expected productivity while still keeping in place the work from home restrictions from your employer. There are three main steps to get to started:

1.    Selecting the right space

Now that we’ve established that it’s the cozy home environment filled with distractions that hinders you from getting work done. The next question in your mind would be, how do I possibly change my environment? One solution could, taking a desk at a coworking space. A co working space is shared office space where you can rent a single desk or a cabin and get all amenities of an office space for a much lower price. Many freelancers, single person businesses have been doing this for years to maintain a work and life balance while getting maximum productivity. You can simply search ‘coworking space near me’ and enjoy the proximity of your home when needed and also work in an environment that is gives you pseudo feeling of being in an office environment while being just few mins away from your home. Also, Coworking is much safer as they take COVID-19 precautions than working in a coffee shop where you’re at high risk of catching covid.


2.     Getting yourself ready

Pajamas to work does sound like a dream but the pajamas aren’t your best friend when you need to fight the lazy blues and get work done. Human brain learns from actions and since for many years putting on pajamas is an action done before sleeping, every time you put on pajamas your brain will eventually signal you that you’re cozy and you must relax. This happens at a deeper level but you can control it by another set of actions. So, Wake up. Bath. Throw your pajamas away and dress right. This doesn’t mean you need to wear a full formal outfit, but the aim here is to signal your brain that you’re set to check things off your planner with to do list and not doze off on that couch.


3.    Set your to do list. Set boundaries. And start.

Without a plan, you plan to fail. Now that you’ve selected your choice of work environment or a coworking space and are in the right frame of mind its time to start working. Now that there is no manager or team lead to keep an eye on you, you need to manage yourself. Start by creating a weekly and daily plan.

Its also important to keep away distractions like checking your emails, checking your social media, talking to friends, running for chores, getting lost in the internet etc. You need to set your boundaries for work as other things can wait and can be done once you finish your work.


And, now you’re all set to go accomplish your targets while you cowork while working from home.

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