Benefits of a Coworking Space for Startups

09 Mar, 2018

Coworking space is an office space shared by a heterogeneous group of freelancers, small business owners, solo entrepreneurs, and independent professionals. Each worker rents out his or her own desk space and enjoys the services a Coworking space has to offer. “Coworking spaces are booming these days and the turnout has been great so far”, says Sneh Bhavsar, founder of Uncubate, the Best Coworking space in Ahmedabad, the heart of the city. There is a multitude of reasons behind choosing a Coworking space over renting an office.

  1. Basic Amenities

Free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, lighting, sanitization facilities, and resource books for reading, tea/coffee, and a water dispenser save you from overhead costs and help you focus on the most important thing - WORK!

  1. Networking

Since a Coworking space is shared by a multifarious group of individuals from different walks of life, there is a fair chance of building contacts that may help you to expand your business as well as give you ideas on how to run your start-up or business successfully.

  1. Culture

Working from home can get monotonous, distracting, and frustrating beyond a certain point. A dedicated space will keep you motivated since you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals who are dedicated to their work. It gives you the feeling of a community. “The lunch table conversations range from politics to food, and the birthday of every member is celebrated in a grand way”, says Ruchika Mahajan, a Product Analyst at Uncubate, Ahmedabad.

  1. Education

Learning about something that complements your profession from your co-workers is the greatest advantage of shared office space. Some Coworking office spaces have regular training workshops on marketing and consultancy where you can absorb new ideas and learn new skills. Uncubate has a business consultancy called Stimulus within its own space for the novice as well as experienced entrepreneurs to go and seek help.

  1. Office romance

Since the members are not bound to a singular organization, love can always be in the air.